Adalia Rose gets dolled up for her mother to whore her out to unsuspecting Facebookers. 

Adalia Rose has passed away. While some say it was too soon to take such a beautiful young child from us, others say it is about time that wretched beast won’t be constantly showing up on Facebook and Tumblr pages. 

Depending on who you believe, Adalia either had a disease known as Progeria (the aging disease), or she was an alien from the planet Progeria about 700 million light years away.The only thing that is 100% true, is the fact that her “mother” whored Adalia out for money every chance she got.

Adalia and Natalia pose for a money making photo opportunity.
Adalia and Natalia pose for a money making photo opportunity.
Adalia’s mother Natalia has exploited her at every turn. Natalia has taken money from unsuspecting people who feel sorry for Adalia’s “condition”, but has never actually produced any proof that Adalia actually has Progeria, and is not in fact an very healthy alien.

While it is completely debatable whether this is a diseased girl or an alien living among us, one thing is not debatable, Adalia was being exploited and abused. With her mother constantly propping her up in front of a camera to put photos on Facebook or videos on Youtube, and a woman named Edith Henry constantly going to her house to “Play” with this small creature, I am amazed that she survived a full 6 years. When Adalia was 5 or 93, Edith Henry, a childless married stylist who heard about Adalia from a friend, caught wind that the little girl wanted an iPad, and held an online fundraiser to buy one for her fifth birthday. They’ve been close ever 

since. They have slumber parties, play Bus Driver, and do each other’s nails and makeup. Whenever Edie visits, Adalia is pregnant, a doll stuffed under her shirt. Her babies are legion, too many to count: Barney, Baby Bop, Piglet. This is like Michael Jackson inviting cancer kids over and giving them “Jesus Juice”. This poor girl/alien had been taken advantage of at every turn, whether it was her mother stealing donations to buy a new house and car, or Edith Henry having random sexual encounters with a young girl/alien who didn’t fully understand what was happening because it hadn’t been on this planet long enough.

Adalia and Edith Henry before one of their “slumber parties” 

Until the full autopsy is completed, we will never know for sure whether Adalia was an alien or a child with a very rare disease, but one thing is certain, we can all be thankful that she is finally dead. I don’t mean that in a hurtful way either, we should all praise the Lord that He has taken her away from all the abuse and exploitation that she had to deal with during her short time on this planet. Also, we won’t be seeing that face plastered all over our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter feeds anymore, so count your blessings. 

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