One cosmetic compulsory for women is lipstick. Applying lipstick on lips will add beauty and your confidence. However, try to count how many times you have to re-apply the lipstick to the lips to make it look beautiful and remain fresh. 

Here are some tips to keep the lipstick color stays long in the mouth. 

1. To make your own lipstick color last longer on the lips, try to cool down your favorite lipstick in the refrigerator. 

If you want to wear the next day, you should put the lipstick in the fridge since the previous night. 

2. Apply a small amount of powder on the lips. After studded lips thin powder, then apply lipstick as usual.

 3. To be safe, you should not mix two different colors of lipstick. Quite often this will end up as a minor disaster on the lips.

 You should also know that mixing two colors of lipstick can cause mild allergic reactions. In addition, differences in the color and texture of the lipstick also will affect the durability of the lipstick on the lips.

 4. Before applying lipstick, first apply petroleum jelly on your lips white. Jelly will act like a "shield" that prevents fading lipstick.

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