There are spirits among the living. Two ghost whisperers share their experiences with The Heat

I see dead people,” says Cole Sear in the highly-rated 1999 M. Night Shyamalan’s supernatural thriller “The Sixth Sense”. He is talking to a man that he recently befriends, who turns out to be a ghost. 

That may have been fiction, but hard as it is to believe, there are those among the living who encounter dead people almost every day. 

For these “ghost whisperers”, this ability can be regarded as both a blessing and a curse. The reason being that their supernatural ability goes beyond a mere sighting of ethereal beings but also the ability to communicate with them.

One such ghost whisperer is a 36-year-old restaurant manager who wishes to be known as “Khan”. He began seeing apparitions in school, which he initially dismissed as a figment of his imagination.

“It comes to me naturally. Of course, I could have chosen to ignore this ‘ability’ when I was younger but I was so intrigued with the ‘parallel world’ that I honed my skills further,” Khan says.

Turn to page 06 of Heat+ Issue 23 to read more of Khan’s spooky tales.

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